The Fairy Fair

Jeremy Rabbit wakes one morning in his burrow in the creek bank, which he shares with his Aunt Esther and lots of brothers and sisters, knowing this is a special day.  Each year in the farmer’s garden, all sorts of animals not normally allowed there, gather together for the great Fairy Fair, while the fairies of the garden charm the farmer and his wife away.  This is THE day!  The enchanted day at The Fairy Fair is filled with fun and adventure, with tears of joy.  Then as night closes in, the little rabbits set out for home.  On the way, there are terrors and dangers, but these are overcome and they reach their burrow safely where a warm welcome, their supper and their cosy beds await them.

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  • Book details: Narrative rhyme, 38 pages
  • ISBN 978-0-9808245-3-7
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