The Great Rat Invasion


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The Great Rat Invasion

Ralph Rat and Mrs. Rat sneak into an old country house where they set up their home behind the wall near the sitting room fireplace.  Soon they have a large family, whose noise and unruly behaviour drive their father to distraction.  Ralph decides to have a great party and sends the young rats out into the garden with invitations for all neighbouring rats, who respond with enthusiasm.   The party quickly gets out of hand.  The rats are enjoying themselves so much that they propose to stay indefinitely.  This puts a great strain upon the rat household and, in order to supplement the dwindling food supply, the rats decide to spread round the house, garden and sheds and steal all they can.  The garden animals, threatened by this great rat invasion, all stop fighting each other and form an unlikely band of allies to rid  themselves of their common enemy.  After much conflict they are ultimately successful.

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