Where’s Jessie


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Where’s Jessie?

This is a story about a naughty little dog called Jessie, who becomes stuck down a rabbit burrow and needs to be rescued. Henry, her equally naughty friend, shows Mrs Moppet the entrance to Jessie’s burrow and Mrs Moppet begins digging for her with a garden trowel. Very quickly Mrs Moppet realises she is not getting anywhere because trowels are not very big.  So with much bigger tools and then with the help of kind neighbours and finally, with a great big truck and an EXCAVATOR,  Jessie is released from her very dark hole and returned to the surface to the joy of Henry, Mrs Moppet, Farmer Pete and Machinery Man Ted!

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  • Book details: Narrative rhyme, 31 pages
  • ISBN 978-0-9808245-9-9
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